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  Advertising Balloons Advertising Blimps Advertising Blimps with Lettering
  advertising balloon 4.5 ft. - $109.00 11 ft. Blimp - $461.00 11 ft. with lettering - $725.00
  advertising balloon 6.0 ft. - $169.00 14 ft. Blimp - $665.00 - Most Popular 14 ft. with lettering - $1021.00 - Most Popular
  advertising balloon 7.0 ft. - $269.00 17 ft. Blimp - $951.00 - Most Popular 17 ft. with lettering - $1320.00 - Most Popular
  advertising balloon 8.0 ft. - $339.00 20 ft.  Blimp - $1334.00 20 ft. with lettering - $1825.00
  advertising balloon 10.0 ft. - $471.00 25 ft.  Blimp - $2861.00 25 ft. with lettering - $3352.00
  advertising balloon 12.0 ft. - $996.00 30 ft.  Blimp - $3595.00 30 ft. with lettering - $4086.00
  advertising balloon 14.0 ft. - $1530.00    
Advertising Blimps, Advertising Balloons, advertising inflatables, helium balloons, helium blimps and custom blimps manufactured in the USA.
Instant Visibility at an affordable price!

17 ft. advertising blimp with vertical banner - must be at least 17 ft. blimp to fly vertical banner
17 ft. blimp with vertical banner.
We have one of the largest selections of giant advertising blimps, helium advertising balloons and blimps available for sale, service and rental. We manufacture our blimps and balloons in the USA!

Helium blimps and advertising balloons are a cost-effective means to convey your message.
We offer many different sizes of helium advertising blimps. Our blimps can be made custom by having the body one or more colors and the fins one or more different colors. We have seven standard colors from which you can choose. Custom colors available at an additional charge.
Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information.

We can usually duplicate any artwork or logo. Have your blimp Your Way!
Larger blimps can also have hanging vertical banners attached to them.
Our helium balloons and balloon blimps are made of polyurethane for superior durability, brightness and helium retention. Almost every imported blimp is made of PVC, a known carcinogen. We use polyurethane manufactured in the USA and originally developed for NASA for the best quality blimp balloons available. Click here for the history of blimps.

Advertising balloons and blimps can attract attention from miles!
If you need a giant sign in the sky, a huge floating billboard; you should try a blimp or balloon. A very small investment can increase your visibility, traffic, sales and profits.

17ft long polyurethane blimp for advertising

advertising blimp 14ft. - w/o artwork $665.00; with artwork from $1021.00. Advertising blimps provide Instant Visibility at an affordable price. 11ft. blimps from $461.00, 14ft. helium blimps - from $665.00, 17ft. blimps - from $951.00. Helium advertising blimps create excitement and sales. Giant 20ft. blimps w/o artwork $1334.00. advertising blimps made in USA.
11 ft. advertising blimp for sales and promotions.

Our 11 ft. blimps are very cost effective (they require very little helium) and fly better that 17 ft. blimps made of PVC. Click here to see more about our 11ft. blimp.


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