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11 ft. Advertising Blimps Made in the USA.


Advertising Blimps Increase Sales!
advertising blimp - 11 ft. helium polyurethane blimp with logo - 11 ft. blimp with logo from $725.00  advertising blimps - 14 ft. blimp with logo from $1031.00  11 ft. advertising blimp with Goodwill logo
We manufacture advertising blimps in the USA. Huge selection of colors, sizes and styles.

We use polyurethane in making our balloons and blimps, not PVC. PVC is old, heavy, porous and is a known carcinogen.

Our blimps retain helium much longer, are much lighter to fly better and retain their color much longer.

Get traffic to your business or event NOW!

Helium blimps attract attention. A blimp is like a huge sign in the sky. Don't let your message be obscured by junk on the ground. You can be above the competition with your message.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on advertising blimps and advertising balloons.


11 ft. long blimp with logo from $725.00

11ft. blimp with logo

  advertising blimp - 11ft  


14 ft. advertising blimp with logo from $1021.00

  blimps - 11 ft. long blimps from $461.00   helium blimp for sales
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Advertising blimps make sales!

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